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We believe in taking a holistic and integrative, patient-centered approach to psychiatry treating the mind, body, and spirit at Divine Mental health Services in  Washington, DC, and Maryland. We utilize medication with psychotherapy to treat depression, anxiety, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) along with other common mental health conditions and life issues.

Divine Mental Health service’s mission is to provide every patient with the best quality care while empowering our patients to successfully manage their careers, relationships, family life, and faith by staying in control of their mental health.

Ifeyinwa Nwangwu creates custom treatment plans to address the root problems of stress and mental health issues, ensuring long-term relief and proper management of associated symptoms. Treatment options focus on holistic healing individually. Divine Mental Services offers psychiatric care virtually through telepsychiatry appointments to make it easy for our patients were ever to get services in Washington DC offices. Our patients away at college especially love this service. 

Divine Mental Health Services is conveniently located in  Washington DC and Maryland.  Appointments can be made by phone or using the convenient online booking feature.

I have worked in the nursing field for more than 35 years with most of my nursing experience being in the mental health care field.  I have worked in both the inpatient and the outpatient setting with clients needing crisis stabilization and clients that are doing well and maintaining continued outpatient care.  I have gained a lot of confidence and comfort working with individuals of all ages with varying mental health care needs.


-Areas served – Washington DC and Maryland